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The story of Kiwano concept started in 2017 as a multidisciplinary concept store at the creative heart of Eindhoven - Strijp-S. The store was intended as an inspiring space to showcase design pieces of artists and designers, as well as our own creations. This provided us the right environment to easily collaborate with numerous artisans. At the same time we were able to establish strong bonds with both our customers and producers.

As time passed by we focused more on our own design collections and production line. The passion we have for one of nature’s greatest gifts - natural stone - led us to mainly create pieces from marble and travertine.

From here Kiwano grew to it’s current form. By establishing a steady workflow with local stone suppliers, rough fundamental forms are being send - from different regions of Turkey - to our atelier. Upon arrival we check for quality and we assemble. Once the products are finished with the right care for their natural properties they are securely packed for transport and send to our customers homes.

As a home and lifestyle brand we’re always exploring new ways to create contemporary, stylish, sustainable and premium products. And we are thrilled to take our customers on our design journey into a world of textures, forms and colors.

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